How To Find Reputable Vendors For Your Event

The Wedding Industry is BOOMING big time; this means an influx for new business in the industry AND new scam artists!

So how do you identify a reputable business who might be new versus someone who is out to steal your money and leave you high & dry!?

Review Their Website

Any reputable vendor would and should have a website for their business. On their website you should scan for some basic and necessary information such as:

  • Contact page – this page should have a contact form or details to reach out to the vendor

  • Social media icons – the website should take you to the businesses social media accounts such as Facebook & Instagram

  • About – there should be an about page describing the business

  • Packages & Pricing – there should be some details on what types of packages they offer. Pricing isn’t always included (though I always admire that level of transparency in a business) but there should be some sort of details on what’s offered

Validate They’re a Registered Business

All reputable businesses are required to register with the state. In Florida, companies register with the state of Florida through Sunbiz. You should be able to look up the companies name on Sunbiz to ensure they’ve spent the time (and money) to register as an actual business with the state. If you are unable to find the information on your own, ask the vendor to provide for you!

Confirm The Company Has Required Insurance

Most venues require vendors to have insurance in order to operate within their venue. Not only may that be a requirement from the venue, it’s a sign the business owner takes their business and clients seriously to ensure they are protected. Don’t hesitate to ask your vendor if they’re insured during the consultation process.

Reviews or Referrals

Each vendor should either have reviews from previous clients OR have the ability to provide professional referrals (if they’re just starting out). Reviews are a fantastic way to gain an understanding on what to expect from the vendor. If the vendor doesn’t have reviews, that’s okay! Ask for professional referral to get the perspective you need!

Why They Are Qualified To Perform Their Services

For newbies in the industry, they have to start some where and that’s okay if you’re willing to work with someone new! But, don’t be afraid to ask them why they started the business or why they believe they’re qualified to perform their services!! They should have a solid answer immediately and it should be one that isn’t taken lightly! Starting a business is scary so a reputable vendor SHOULD have their whole “why” figured out and willing to share with you!

Read, Read again, and Read AGAIN

The vendors contract should cover you BOTH and should NOT be one sided. If the contract is only protecting their business that’s a red flag and walk away! In the contract should be a cancellation clause which will outline what happens if they cancel. Within my contract I include that I will find a comparable planner or coordinator if needed to cancel along with some details on refunds! Be sure both you and the vendor are protected. If you don’t agree to the terms or have questions NOW is the time to ask before you sign and pay any retainer fees or deposits.


This doesn’t apply to all businesses but does apply to some! Ask to see if they have any required licenses to operate their business!

Follow Your Gut

The best advice I can give is to take your time making your decision booking any vendors and FOLLOW YOUR GUT! If something seems off, isn’t right or you’re just not feeling it, find someone else!!!

Lastly don’t be afraid to ask challenging questions! Your wedding is a HUGE day! Lots of time and money have been spent to pull the event together. Any vendor unwilling to provide you with any of the above may present some red flags!!