Phase 1: Planning

The first phase of planning your wedding consists of planning! We kick off this first phase with a virtual kick off meeting to introduce you to the tools and methods which we will be using to communicate and document all that is happening through the next year! After our kick off call you will be given a small assignment to help us in creating your detailed budget.

Once that assignment is completed we will review the budget in detail together to finalize. This will be used to begin the first phase of our planning and booking of key vendors which include your venue, photographer, videographer, officiant & caterer. You will receive 4 proposed vendors for each of the categories which will assist in streamlining the vendor booking process. But don’t worry, these vendors will be hand selected based on a detailed questionnaire which helps me in narrowing down those key vendors who fit your wedding day goals! This phase is
anticipated to take 3-4 months.

 Phase 2: Design

This second phase of planning your wedding is where we begin to think of the fun details!! You’ll have another homework assignment to create a dedicated Pinterest board. Once you’ve completed this assignment we will sit down for a virtual meeting to review your vision so I understand what your goals are for your wedding day.

From that point I will sit down and create your wedding day Design Board which will act as our blueprint for the design elements. The Design Board will be leveraged to book your remaining vendors which include your florist, decor, rentals, cake baker, DJ & Hair/Makeup artist. During Phase 2 I will send you off to go shopping where you will select the brides dress, grooms suit/tux, groomsmen suits/tux and the bridesmaids dresses. Phase 2 is anticipated to take 3-4 months.

Phase 3: Coordination

The third phase of planning your wedding is the coordination of all of the details. During this phase we begin working through the finer details, outreach is made to the vendors to confirm set up & break down details, RSVPs are coming in from your guest list and details are being finalized. The day of itinerary aka timeline, will be put together and include any and all details around your wedding day. Your day of itinerary will include details such as your hair & makeup schedule, travel time between venues or getting ready locations, who will be supplying lunch and all of the reception fun from introductions to grand exit and everything in between! If you’d booked us for a Wedding Management package this is where you will jump right in!! This process takes 2-3 months to complete.

 Phase 4: Execution

This fourth phase of planning your wedding consists of the final week and day of your wedding! The final week the logistics are being finalized and shared with the vendor team and venue, a rain plan if needed is created to be prepared for that “what if” scenario! We begin watching the weather like a hawk to ensure we are prepared! Your Rehearsal will occur the day prior to your wedding day to ensure your wedding party and family are prepared to execute and perform the day of your event!

During the day of your wedding we work our magic supporting you and your vendor team to deliver a wedding day you’ll remember forever! At the end of the evening we are the last to leave to ensure your vendors help you adhere to your venue contract.

Phase 5: Post-Wedding

The post-wedding phase is the final phase of your wedding planning journey. Here we will connect to review the performance of your vendor team and submit any formal reviews.